The Eco Incubator is a non-profit organization focused on teaching health, wellness, and sustainability practices to the community in the most interactive way possible.    

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T: 706-663-ECO1​

E: info@theecoincubator.org

Athens, Georgia

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At The Eco Incubator we will offer a variety of classes for all age groups and interests based on environmental sustainability, health, and overall wellness. Classes can be taken individually or as part of a course and many are offered free of charge to encourage community growth, skill building, and sustainable educational opportunities. Here is just a taste of what we will be offering.

DIY Home Decor

Healing with Essential Oils

Balancing your diet

Learning to eat with Obesity

Learning to eat with Diabetes

Learning to eat with Heart Disease

Learning to eat for Health

Changing your Lifestyle

How to Live Healthily

Balancing Work and Home Life

Accessing your inner light

Balancing your Chakras

Bee Keeping


Organic Farming at Home


Soap Making

Natural Cosmetics

Black Hair Care

Natural Home Care

Getting in Touch with Your Body

Mindful Meditation

Chakras 101

Making Tinctures

What are Tinctures

How to Use Essential Oils



Healing with Herbs

Home Gardening 

Repurpose 101

Visual Art Therapy

Repurposed Art

Art (Beginner to Intermediate)

Jewelry Making

Basic Knife Skills

Understanding Wine

Wine Making

Fermentation Probiotics & Dairy

Beer and Mead Making

International Cuisine (African, European, Asia, Central America…)

Fine Dining 


Busy Family

Nutritious Cooking

Healthy Cooking Techniques

Cooking for Chakras 

Cooking for Diabetes

Cooking for Heart Disease

Cooking for Obesity

Cooking for ADHD

Natural Cosmetics 

Vegan Cuisine

Vegetarian Cooking

Cooking to Reduce Stress

Balancing your diet

Cooking with Essential Oils

Couples Cooking

Cooking as a Family

Pairing Food & Wine

Composting and Recycling 101