Exploring the Third Eye Chakra

The indigo image represents the third eye chakra. Resting in the center, slightly above your two visible eyes, this chakra is all about awakening. And, YES, it is time to wake up. Our traditional education teaches us to ignore it because it is so powerful, and people who know their power think freely. This does not align with the fundamental ideas behind capitalism. The concepts behind mass consumption want you to follow blindly. Open your third eye, gain control over your thoughts and perspective, your finances and future, lift back the veil, and overcome internal struggles. When you do this...YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. If you feel like you are in a perpetual struggle, never gaining a foot ahead, climbing an uphill battle...Embodying indigo is elevating and embracing life experiences to the fullest, and just what you need to cut through your chains and transcend the existence of modern-day slavery. Join us, unlock your sense of Self, expand into a space of truth. 


There are different types of meditation. Meditation isn’t always just sitting alone in the dark ignoring your thoughts. Meditation can be interactive as well as guided. Come try something new. No matter which class you choose you are going to leave relaxed and closer to being your best self. Join us and increase the calm. 

Forest Bathing

This form of ecotherapy has been practiced in Japan for two decades in an effort to combat employee burnout and reconnect us to nature. This grounding practice can be done by anyone of any age or health level. All you have to do is show up and let our guides and nature do the rest. 

Healing Herbs & Tincture Making

Herbs have been used to fight ailments and enhance health since the beginning of time. Did you know that many of the medicines we use now are derived from plants? Come learn about what herbs can be used for powerful health boosts and how to make healing tonics and tinctures. Major side effects are improved well-being and life balance.