Basic Knife Skills

Do you hate being in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking but feel like it takes too long? Come get some knife skills. They are essential to improving the quality of your food, ensuring uniform cooking times and flavor, and significantly reducing the time you spend in the kitchen.This hands on class will have you chopping, dicing, and slicing like a chef in no time, making meal preparation fast and fun. 


The intention of these workshops is to empower you and give offer useful tips on how to enhance overall health and sustainability through the practice of food preservation.  Fermentation, utilized by every known culture on Earth, is recognized as one of the oldest processes of food preservation and nutritional enhancement; a valuable technique to learn if you desire true health and wellness for you and your family. You will have the opportunity to learn various types of fermentation including (but not limited to) dairy (cheese, yogurt, kefir), beverages (kombucha, beer, wine…), pickles, kimchi, and chutney.   The primary objective of these interactive classes is to offer you easy ways to achieve maximum health, reduce expenses, and protect the environment. 

Cooking for Health

There are a variety of diverse cooking methods that you can use in the kitchen, including frying, grilling, and sauté. Some methods are healthier than others.  In these workshops learn which methods are used in healthier food preparation, and how to do them at home.  Learn what types of foods are healthiest for your body and practice cooking delicious recipes. Go home with yummy leftovers, organic ingredients, additional recipes,  and helpful nutritional tips.

Cooking for Wellness

Food is not just about our bodies. For most of us, it is also emotional. Learn how to feed your body, as well as your soul. Learn to fight depression, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia and other imbalances with recipes you can make easily at home. Cook with us, eat with us, and take home organic ingredients, helpful recipes, and a healing culinary touch. 


The Eco Incubator is a non-profit organization focused on teaching health, wellness, and sustainability practices to the community in the most interactive way possible.    

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