Exploring Sustainability

The Earth is our past, present, and future. Just like our birth mothers feed us and nurture us from their bodies and minds, and souls, so does our mother Earth. She goes by many names including Gaia and Pachamama, but under any tongue, she is our space of origin and designed to nurture us in every way to be the most powerful versions of ourselves. If we do not value our environment then we do not value ourselves, as we are representations of the utmost she has to offer. Wondering what you can do to preserve the environment and thus your own existence and that of your offspring? Wondering what it might look like to introduce more sustainability into your life? It doesn't matter how much you don't know. It only matters that you are willing to learn. Join us. Live more independently. Regain control over your life through recognizing your symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.  

Bee Keeping

Honeybees are under threat all around the world. Honey is great for your health. Make your own. Learn all about bee behavior, bee keeping equipment, bee products, and all you need to know to keep your own bees, and help the bee population and your family thrive. 


Join us and learn how to establish your own homestead. We have courses for sustainable urban style living as well as rural. Learn to plan and design your homestead, land analysis, organic gardening, fencing and other topics. Modern-day homesteading embraces the past and merges it with innovative eco-tech and creativity. Life can feel shallow and disconnected. Living symbiotically with the land can bring you meaning, purpose and empowerment. Come reconnect.


This class combines fish farming and hydroponic plant cultivation. This sustainable eco system can provide our families with delicious, nutritious, toxin free food long term. Learn  about the origin of the practice and how to incorporate it into your life. Learn about the benefits this practice can offer and how to modulate and design your own system at home. 

Natural Cosmetics & Home Hygiene

With the flood of products and advertisements in media today, it is easy to get caught up in gimmicks and fads. We are convinced that we need special or important products to save us time, money, and improve our health. This, often times, isn’t the case, and even worse, many products that we purchase contain harmful chemicals that can hurt us and our children.  Learn quick and easy ways to save money in your home without adding a lot to your workload.  In these workshops learn everything from how to make household cosmetics like soap, lip gloss, blush, lotion, and shampoo, to home cleaning products and disinfectants, including everyday tips and best practices that could potentially save you thousands.