Exploring the Throat Chakra

The turquoise image above represents the throat chakra. Housed in the center of your throat you can feel it when you struggle to verbalize your most powerful thoughts or emotions. This chakra is all about creativity and communicating your thoughts and ideas. You deserve to be heard and you shouldn't hold back. We are told "sit down" and "obey" but we are not pets, WE ARE PEOPLE, WE ARE HUMANITY, and we have power. Power comes from speaking your truth and creating the world you want to see and the lives you want to live. The classes listed under this stunning symbol of turquoise are all about showing you a variety of ways to do and feel what is mentioned above. Know your truth, but more importantly, speak your truth. Live without hesitation and anxiety. Join us and embrace turquoise, let turquoise flow from your fingertips and out of your mouths, express turquoise in everything you do and everything you say because turquoise is you. If you have ever felt drawn to anything artistic, activism, law, sales, meditation...These are classes for you. 


Pranayama, the art of controlling breath, is a great way to cope with stress and promote health and healing in the body.  Join us and learn and practice specialized breathing rhythms and methods that have healed for millennia. Reduce your stress, enhance and stabilize your mood, and make new friends in the process.    


Crafting, painting, sculpting, coloring… creating art has been scientifically proven to help in the reduction of stress.  This simple and easy practice is highly beneficial for processing negative feelings and emotions, as well as encourage positive ones. Come relax and create with us.    

Sustainable Living 101

What is sustainability anyway? Come learn all about it with us. How can you incorporate more sustainable practices into your life? What can you do, for your children,  to reduce your negative impact on the climate environment for It’s easier than you think and a great way to bring the family together for fun.