Monica Dorsey

Environmental Consulting Technician at The British Standards Institution

My journey to a career in environmental consulting has been far from conventional, but it all started with a deep consciousness and curiosity about nature and my impact on the environment. As I kid I had an awareness of where things came from and questioned the reason behind what products I consumed and wore and how food was made. At heart, I’ve always been an empath with compassion for nature and animals, and as I grew older it’s motivated me to pursue a career in the environmental field.


I received two undergraduate degrees from UConn in French and Environmental Studies with a focus on public policy. I also had the opportunity to do a year-long exchange in France and combine the two fields. In France, I was able to take classes in French from the Department of Geography at The University of Paris Sorbonne Pantheon. 


Now I work as an environmental consultant specializing in sustainability reporting, greenhouse gas accounting, and federal and multi-state environmental compliance. I realized I am motivated by purpose-driven work and I feel empowered to be in a career that aligns with my values. At my core, I believe I am here to care and connect and my experiences have motivated me to continue learning so I can increase accessibility to open spaces and empower my community members to find creative solutions to adapt to climate change.