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Eco Inc has been working hard to blaze trails and bring sustainable solutions to the table since it's inception. Over the past year and a half we have fostered collaborative connections throughout the community and developed the first installment of tangible sustainable living with our container development. We look forward to continuing to expand and educate people from all walks of life on how they can live more sustainably and thrive. Pictured is our container development right before completion in March. We currently have a site in Winterville, GA and are working to be able to obtain and build our net-zero community center in Athens, GA. We are currently accepting volunteers to come to our Winterville site on Saturdays. Check out the calendar to sign up!

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The Dutch have successfully reimagined what architecture can be and now use it as a food source for its people. Getting on board with new ways of thinking about ordinary things can change our existence from surviving to thriving.

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Débora Mesa Molina reimagines the limits of architecture offering some answers about how structures can be made with discarded materials using unconventional methods. Molina says, "The world around us is an infinite source of inspiration if we are curious enough to see beneath the surface of things,


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