We are building a 0% emissions community service space, constructed of recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials, including sustainable utilities such as composting toilets, aquaponics, greenhouse systems, solar power, and more. This is a highly unique learning opportunity and a chance for advancement in knowledge and skill for all involved as well as an opportunity for companies to show their efforts towards supporting the environment and the community, an unmistakable trend in not only modern America but the planet at large. After the facility is built, it will be utilized as a community space in an effort to continue the learning and growth process, offering people of all ages a space to seed start-up projects, as well as to continue to learn a variety of life long skills in relation to health, wellness, and environmental sustainability. It will act as a flagship for living sustainably and, with the connection to the Global Emission Reduction Plan put forth by CETS, offer a tangible representation of what is possible

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The Winterville Site Prototype


This is one of our green real estate prototypes! It is built at our Winterville site about 15 minutes from downtown Athens. It is made from 100% recycled/reused materials. It is a home model made using 2 shipping containers. The structure is complete and our amazing UGA Eco Interior Design Intern has made The Shed feel like home. Stay tuned for a virtual tour.  

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