Peggy Dodson

President/CEO/Founder of UBC-TV Network

With a humble beginning working as a bookkeeper for her fathers' plumbing company and in the family restaurant business, Peggy is the epitome of what determination, hard work, and confidence can achieve. Growing up in Arkansas she ventured to New York City. Armed with an education in music and vocal scholarships, Peggy formed Akenday Entertainment, a company that produces music, television and video projects airing on Cox Cable. This was the beginning of something huge. Since then she has developed an empowerment program called “Pathway To Success” and hosted and created a television show titled “World Beat” that aired on Time Warner Cable for over 4 years entering millions of homes. Very active in the Harlem Community and appointed to serve on the Community Board 10 as Chair of the Arts & Culture and Tourism committee, Ms. Dodson has made history in many ways including receiving the NAACP’s prestigious “Women Making History” award, testifying in front of Congress on matters that deal with Minorities in Cable and other issues that affect the FCC, as well as founding UBC-TV. Ms. Dodson is a trendsetter and a game changer out to encourage the most inclusive and well-rounded view of ourselves, and the world. The Urban Broadcasting Company. UBC-TV Network, is the first-ever broadcasting multi-media technology company that is developed, owned, operated and created by an African American Woman. UBC-TV is a Harlem, New York City based broadcast multi-media company that appeals to urban multi-cultural audiences with original urban lifestyle programming and special events that are distributed on multiple platforms. UBC-TV is more than a broadcast telecommunications company. It is a lifestyle network that has crossed all races and boundaries and has evolved into a global revolution. To date, Ms. Dodson, and UBC-TV, has entered into numerous mega agreements with Verizon, Amazon Prime, Roku, Applicaster, and Oath; with more coming.