Exploring the Solar Plexus Chakra

The yellow image above represents the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the largest of the major 7 (we have more than seven). Many of us have trouble digesting, digesting food, emotions, experiences. We feel anxiety and other physical ailments because of our struggle to command and foster understanding and respect with our bodies. This is one of the reasons why so many of us are sick with preventable diseases. Located in the upper abdomen the solar plexus chakra is the energetic house that regulates digestion and stress.  Do you feel like the above describes you in any way? Then join us and think yellow. Thinking yellow is all about rejecting fear and anger and embracing your power and sense of self. YOUR POWER IS IMMENSE and this is the truth we want you to recognize and encourage in each other. We want you to think yellow, feel yellow, embody yellow. Come to the classes below to create the balance you are looking for. 

Cooking for Health

There are a variety of diverse cooking methods that you can use in the kitchen, including frying, grilling, and sauté. Some methods are healthier than others.  In these workshops learn which methods are used in healthier food preparation, and how to do them at home.  Learn what types of foods are healthiest for your body and practice cooking delicious recipes. Go home with yummy leftovers, organic ingredients, additional recipes,  and helpful nutritional tips.


One of the most important parts of staying healthy is incorporating physical routines into our life. Join us for a workout. From CrossFit inspired workouts to aquatic fitness, we can offer something to everyone no matter what the health level. 


Yoga can increase flexibility, wellness, blood circulation, overall health and quality of life. Practice a variety of yoga with us. Dance through the trees with aerial yoga, sweat it out Bikram style, and everything in between.